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Mecho Shades for Commercial or Residential Use

Mecho Shades offer solar protection and lower energy consumptionWe carry the full line of  Mecho Shade Systems. Originally designed for the commercial market, Mecho shades have become popular for use in homes, also.

Mecho Shades combine optimum solar protection, glare and brightness control with lower energy consumption and greater use of natural light.

Many options available including motorized, computerized solar tracking systems and blackout fabrics.

mechotable02Mecho shades use ThermoVeil shade cloths which provide a significant reduction in solar heat gain and greater comfort with less air conditioning, saving money. ThermoVeil shade cloth's anti-microbial properties resist Staph, Fungus and Mildew.  Also Flame retardant, less toxic than burning wood, wool or cotton.


Mecho Shade Systems for energy savings

Energy conserving MechoShades and ElectroShades work in harmony with the dynamic use of glass to improve  interior environments with optimum solar protection, greater use of natural light, energy savings and those vitally important outdoor views so beneficial to human personal well-being and productivity.

Mecho Shade Systems offers an integrated system of visually transparent and room darkening roller screens that provide optimum solar protection with the functionality and design esthetics architects and designers worldwide desire.

Whether you need a manual chain-driven shade for a typical window, a motorized mid window alignment system  for a curtain wall, a multi-zone shading control system for a entire office, or a computerized solar tracking system for the entire building MechoShade is the shade of choice for windows, skylights, greenhouses and atriums.

Used in computer labs or for the home office, ThermoVeil shade cloth is available in a wide variety of densities, weaves and colors to complement the daylight transmission of the glass. Control of daylight on computer monitors, work surfaces and people minimize eye fatigue from contrasting bright and dark surfaces.

How to Order Mecho Shades Online

1. Determine whether you require Motorized Mecho Shades or Manual Mecho Shades for your Application - Usually extremely large or hard to reach shades require motorized shades.

2. Determine the type of hardware you require.  We offer the top of the line all steel Mecho V and Electro Shades.  Either choice is far better than any other hardware system on sunscreens on the market. Models

3. Choose your Shade Cloth Type. Do you require blackout shades? Do you want to see more or less of your view?  The more open the weave the more you can see out, but you lose heat and glare control. Shade Cloth

4. Choose your Shadecloth Color. In general darker fabric allow you to see out better, but they absorb heat and offer less heat control In general, we recommend a lighter color to the outside and a darker color facing to the inside. Colors

5. Shipping Costs - Most shades are shipped via UPS. Larger size shades must be shipped via motor freight and will incur additional charges. Please call if you have questions regarding shipment. If you require shipment outside of the USA please call for information.

6. Don't see what you are looking for? Although we offer a full line of all mecho products, some features are too complicated to sell online.  Please call or E-mail with your special requests.

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